Self-Hosted WordPress Starter Guide

Whether you have been blogging elsewhere for years or are brand new to blogging, you may be wondering where to begin with starting a self-hosted WordPress blog. Nearly all established bloggers utilize this platform as it allows you the most creative freedom possible with your blog. The options for customization are endless and you are not limited by advertising restrictions like you are on The first thing you need to decide is where you will host your blog. After many great recommendations from other bloggers, I personally chose to host my blog with Bluehost. They have very affordable pricing, great customer service, and their interface is very user-friendly. I’ll walk you through the extremely simple process to set up a new self-hosted WordPress blog with Bluehost.

1. First, go to Bluehost’s home page and click “Get Started Now”.

self-hosted wordpress

2. Now you’ll need to choose a domain name for your blog. Try to think of something catchy and not too lengthy. You can purchase the domain through the Bluehost sign up process, and they will give your domain for free for the first year! Or, you may even own a domain name already, in which case you can enter it here and complete a few extra steps to point your DNS to Bluehost.

self-hosted wordpress

3. Next you will complete your account information.

self-hosted wordpress

4. This is where you chose your hosting package, with several different terms available. Naturally, the longer the term you commit to, the lower the monthly cost. You can also chose from other add-on options here such as domain security, backup and privacy.

self-hosted wordpress5. Next, enter your billing information and confirm you have read the terms of service and other policies. You will then chose your Bluehost password, which must contain both capital and lowercase letters, a number and a special character.

bluehost6. Now you are ready to begin installing WordPress! From your cPanel in Bluehost, navigate down to the “Website Builders” section and click on WordPress.


7. On the next screen, you will click “Start a brand new install” and you’ll be walked through just a couple more steps to complete the WordPress installation.


8. You will now choose which domain you will be installing to (this will be whatever domain you chose or transferred in Step 2), then click “Check Domain”.


9. You have reached the last step! Now you can choose a title for your site and a username and password for your WordPress install. You will check the box for “automatically create a new database for this installation” unless you will be importing an existing database (if you are transferring a blog perhaps). You will also need to check the box stating that you’ve read the terms and conditions, then click “Install Now”.


10. Now the installation will begin! You will be able to see the progress in the installation, and once it’s complete you will see your site url and other pertinent info, which will also be e-mailed to you.


That’s it! Now you can login to your WordPress dashboard from the admin url for your site which is your site url followed by /admin. I would take some time looking around the dashboard and learning some of the basics. There are a wealth of widgets you can add and other ways to customize your blog. I personally just started basic and googled anything I wasn’t sure about. The more I use WordPress, the more I learn and the more I customize and improve my blog. I would love if you left a comment with your new site once it’s set up, I’d love to check it out! Feel free to ask questions too, I’ll do my best to answer them!



SOBO Skin Care 25% Off Code!

SOBO Skin Care is a new indie line of natural skin care products. SOBO is unique among other brands in how their patented formulas utilize both natural organic ingredients as well as other powerful ingredients to achieve great results for many women. Their propriety blends of Ceramides, Hyaluronic Acid, HGF, Tetrapeptides and various antioxidants like Resveratrol combine to renew and rejuvenate skin. They also formulated their products to accomplish this without the use of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, GMO’s, triclosan, synthetic dyes or artificial fragrances. All of this makes SOBO’s products extremely gentle on your skin.

Sobo Skin Care

Now for the good part! SOBO Skin Care is offering 25% off anything on their website to my blog readers! Use coupon code TRYSOBO and receive 25% off your entire first purchase with no expiration date. I was able to try their Age Smoothing Eye Serum and really like it! It has a nice tightening effect around my eyes which helps with fine lines and puffiness. I’ve only used it twice so far, so I’m not able to gauge long-term effects yet, but so far I like what I see. They also offer a great Anti-Aging Cream with Resveratrol, an Ultra HGF Youth Serum, a Natural Face Moisturizer and more in their line.

**I received a product sample in exchange for this post. Powered by Brandbacker**


HUGE Michael Todd True Organics Giveaway!

Michael Todd True Organics Giveaway

This is a contest not to be missed! 25 different winners will be chosen and there are 4 amazing prize bundles in this Michael Todd True Organics giveaway that you could possibly win! Among them are a Beauty Tool Bundle worth $640, a Deluxe Sonic Skin Bundle worth $380, a Sonic Discovery Bundle worth $230, and the much-raved about Soniclear Brush worth $150! Good luck to everyone in this awesome Michael Todd True Organics giveaway! What are you most hoping to win? It’s a tough choice!

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Michael Todd True Organics Giveaway

AccuWeather MinuteCast – This Season’s Must-Have Fashion Accessory

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of AccuWeather for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I obsess with the weather. Even though it’s often sunny and 70 degrees here in San Diego, we can sometimes be caught off guard with a rain storm or a cold foggy evening. I travel a lot too and some of my fave places (like Lake Tahoe in the winter and Las Vegas in the summer) can be pretty unpredictable. Sometimes it’s tough deciding what to wear! On a summer trip to Vegas a couple of years ago, a brief freak thunderstorm wreaked havoc on my sunny weather outfit and shoes, I wish I had known when it was coming, I could’ve just left 20 minutes later and avoided it altogether! Enter AccuWeather MinuteCast, which has become my favorite fashion accessory! It’s been my go-to weather app on my Android phone for a while now as it helps me to know exactly what to wear outside when I’m travelling. Are you perhaps attending Fashion Week 2014 and worried about your fashion ensemble being weather appropriate? Then you need to download AccuWeather MinuteCast so you can have minute-by-minute forecasts telling you exactly when it might rain, localized to your street address!

Here’s a screenshot of the app showing precisely when it will stop raining at the Grand Canyon this morning:

AccuWeather MinuteCast

Here are some of the great features of AccuWeather MinuteCast:

  • Pinpointed, Minute-by-Minute forecasts telling you exactly when it will rain or snow, down to the minute, for the next two hours.
  • Highly localized, geo-targeted to your exact street address.
  • Easy to use and Free! Download the AccuWeather app on your iPhone, Android, Microsoft or Amazon mobile phone and click “Get MinuteCast”. MinuteCast is also available at from your computer or mobile phone
  • MinuteCast is available now in the U.S., Canada, Ireland, Japan and the UK – It is the only global minute-by-minute weather forecasting available.
  • AccuWeather’s proprietary patented MinuteCast technology tracks precipitation for the next two hours to determine if precipitation will fall as rain, snow, ice, or a mix by the minute, available exclusively from AccuWeather.

So, what are you waiting for? Go download AccuWeather and get your best accessory for Fashion Week! MinuteCast is the must-have fashion accessory for Fashion Week 2014 and for every season!

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Stitch Fix September 2014 Review

In my Stitch Fix September 2014 box that I received this month, my stylist decided to start getting me ready for fall and I love some of the choices he sent! Although I only ended up keeping one item, I thought most of the pieces were in line with my style and sizing although some of the fits were off a tad. First off I must talk about these pull-on jeans by Liverpool that I paired with every shirt for my photos. OMG finally maternity-like jeans that aren’t maternity! I’ve been waiting for this day ever since I packed away my maternity clothing the first time around! At $78, I felt they were fairly priced for something so relatively innovative. I’ve worn them out twice already and they are SO comfortable. The only downfall might be that now I can eat a lot more since the waistline stretches!

Stitch Fix September 2014

Fun2Fun Johnson Scarf Print Roll-Tab Blouse and Liverpool Mira Skinny Pull-On Pant

I thought this Johnson Scarf Print blouse above was very cute out of the box but it wasn’t totally right for me. It fit a bit snug in the chest area and therefore just didn’t drape properly. I loved the print and silky scarf feel of it though and at $48 it was a decent price for the high-end feel of the fabric.

Stitch Fix September 2014

Fun2Fun Richard Pleated Lace Detailed Blouse and Liverpool Mira Skinny Pull-On Pant

This Richard Pleated Lace blouse was a fun dark pink color that I loved, but unfortunately the neckline was just too high for my liking. If I still worked full-time it might be something I’d rock for work, but it was just a bit too conservative for my relaxed style. Also $48, the price again wasn’t too bad for someone looking for a work top.

Stitch Fix September 2014

Papermoon Calvin Scoop Neck Striped Knit Top and Liverpool Mira Skinny Pull-On Pant

This Papermoon Scoop Neck top was very cute out of the box and I thought for sure I would love it, but it was almost a little too stretchy and heavy for me, it just didn’t seem to fit quite right. I’m loving stripes right now, so the thought was good, but this $44 top just didn’t execute for me.

Stitch Fix September 2014

Liverpool Mira Skinny Pull-On Pant

Let me get back to these jeans! Oh these jeans! Liverpool must have some women in charge who have fallen in love with their maternity jeans but had too much pride to keep wearing them much beyond birth (like me!) These are cute, stylish skinny jeans in a great wash with a nice stretchy and comfortable waistline with a price of $78. No zipper, no snaps or buttons, no more holes in the front of my shirt from rubbing on said buttons, I love it! Can we get some capris and shorts next please??

Stitch Fix September 2014

Urban Expressions Booker Fold Over Crossbody Bag

Lastly was my first ever Stitch Fix bag, and I really liked it! Problem is, I’m a bag hoarder and have SO many that I just don’t use but once or twice a year. I’m too lazy to change bags all the time so it’s a constant rotation between black leather tote, small clutch and beach bag. I loved the color and versatility of this bag though! At just $64 the price was definitely right too, but I still sadly had to pass.

Do you subscribe to Stitch Fix boxes too? I’d love to hear about what you received this month if so!


Enjoy a free Perl & Silk organic facial mask valued at $34 with every purchase of $40 or more

Dove Advanced Care Deodorant – Dare to Go Sleeveless!

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence Central for Dove Advanced Care Deodorant. I received a promotional item to facilitate my review.

dove advanced care deodorant

Do you ever find yourself hesitating to go sleeveless because you’re ashamed of your underarms? It’s summer time, and it’s sweltering hot in many places, it’s time to enjoy a sleeveless summer! I recently had the opportunity to try a few samples of a new line of deodorant from Dove and if you answered yes to my question above, it may be the answer for you! Even if you proudly go sleeveless already, Dove Advanced Care Deodorant is something worth trying. Dove Advanced Care contains NutriumMoisture, a blend of ingredients that help to moisturize the skin in your underarms and keep them looking great! Dove’s NutriumMoisture can help to create softer, smoother skin in just 3 days and also helps to reduce irritation from shaving. As an added bonus, Dove Advanced Care Deodorant also provides 48-hour odor and wetness protection!

Dove Advanced Care Deodorant

I received 3 full-size samples of Dove Advanced Care and decided to give one to my awesome mom. We both agreed that Dove is a notch above the rest! I immediately noticed the effects of NutriumMoisture and felt that the deodorant glided on very smoothly and felt like it instantly moisturized my skin. I took it along with me on a cruise last week and witnessed the staying power as I swam all day and soaked up the 90-degree sun and humidity in the Bahamas, I never noticed it wearing off! My mom put it to the test while she babysat our two young kids while we were on the cruise, and Dove Advanced Care held up! I love the scent of “Rebalance” which smells of plum and sakura blossom, but there are so many great scents available from powdery to fruity to cucumber and green tea! There is also a Sensitive formula that is hypoallergenic and free of scents.

Dove Advanced Care Deodorant

Proudly going sleeveless on my cruise last week!

Stylist Erin Walsh has partnered with Dove to help challenge women to embrace sleeveless fashion. In her words, “Your clothes will always look better if you feel beautiful and confident in them. As a fashion stylist, I know that sleeveless can often feel scary and make women feel vulnerable or exposed; however the Dove Advanced Care product line provides softer, smoother underarms in just 3 days, so that all women can feel confident going sleeveless.” I couldn’t agree more! Anyone who has shied away from going sleeveless should at least give Dove Advanced Care a try, you never know, you could be proudly flaunting those underarms in just a few days!

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