Personal Trainer Food Versus Nutrisystem #personaltrainerfood #weightloss #health

Personal Trainer Food Versus Nutrisystem

In case you didn’t catch my last couple of posts, I have been doing a month-long trial of Personal Trainer Food. I’m nearly finished with the program but wanted to take some time to do a comparison of Personal Trainer Food with another meal plan I’ve tried recently, Nutrisystem. I know it can be confusing and sometimes even overwhelming deciding on which meal plan is right for you, so I hope I can help! Please feel free to ask any questions you might have in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer quickly!

Personal Trainer Food Versus Nutrisystem – Packaging

Personal Trainer Food Versus Nutrisystem #personaltrainerfood #health #weightloss

First impressions are important, but I think this set of first impressions threw me off a bit! My Personal Trainer Food came wrapped in very basic plastic wrap (see above), nothing exciting, and it made me think perhaps the food would be bland or plain just like the packaging. I was wrong, but more on that later. Likewise, my Nutrisystem food was wrapped in various types of packaging with colorful and appealing pictures of the food all over the outside as pictured below. It made me expect more of the food, even though I ended up not being impressed. Read on and see why!

Personal Trainer Food Versus Nutrisystem #personaltrainerfood #weightloss #health

Personal Trainer Food Versus Nutrisystem – Taste

Now for the important part, how did the food taste on each plan? Well, as you may have read in my last Personal Trainer Food post, I’m a huge fan of their food! I really didn’t expect much and was honestly blown away by several of the items like the omelette and maple sausage breakfast (below), the crisp fresh veggies and the gluten-free chicken tenders among others. Above all, I felt healthy eating the Personal Trainer Food.

Personal Trainer Food Results - Week 1 #personaltrainerfood #health #weightloss

When I tried the Nutrisystem food, I felt like I was making a bad attempt at splurging…biscotti bites for breakfast, a chocolate caramel bar snack and pasta for both lunch and dinner. The food felt heavier and I didn’t look as forward to eating it. It’s convenient, sure, but when you aren’t excited to eat the food on your meal plan then the plan won’t work in the long run. Sure, these biscotti bites below tasted fine, but it just didn’t feel healthy and filling.

Personal Trainer Food Versus Nutrisystem #personaltrainerfood #weightloss #health

Personal Trainer Food Versus Nutrisystem – Cost

Both Personal Trainer Food and Nutrisystem advertise similarly priced plans on their respective websites. Plans start at under $10/day for both and the best plans are just under $12/day. Since joining Personal Trainer Food though, I receive deal offers via email constantly. Right now I can save $175 on a 28-day plan which is a good amount of money! Even without a deal though, for the same price, I would choose Personal Trainer Food any day!

Personal Trainer Food Versus Nutrisystem #personaltrainerfood #weightloss #health

Speaking of deals, I have a coupon code for you if you aren’t able to find any other deals for Personal Trainer Food! If you use the code ‘MOMBLOGGERS’ at, you can score $150 in savings on any 28-day program. Please note, this savings does not apply to subscription programs, only the 28-day programs. Let me know if you decide to take advantage of the savings, I’d love to hear what you think about the food!

I received a free 28-day supply of food from Personal Trainer Food in exchange for a series of blog posts, but all opinions are my own.

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