Stitch Fix August 2017 Review #stitchfix #fashion #clothing

Stitch Fix August 2017 Review

I totally skipped my Stitch Fix July review, so I’m turning it into my Stitch Fix August 2017 review! I’ll likely have a second August review later this month though as I just received another box. We moved into our new home last month and I’ve just been swamped with unpacking and getting the new house set up. I received some great items last month though, so I didn’t want to skip the review altogether. Read on to find out more about what I received…

THML Adaria Embroidered Knit Romper

I was so excited to see this THML Adaria Embroidered Knit Romper in my Stitch Fix August 2017 box! Priced at $68, it looked like the perfect summer outfit. Sadly, I didn’t love the way it fit my body and didn’t think it was flattering. I’m so bummed, it was so comfy and cute, but I had to send it back.

Stitch Fix August 2017 Review #stitchfix #fashion #clothing

Papermoon Essy Zipper Front Detail Blouse

Right away I thought this Papermoon Essy Zipper Front Detail Blouse would be a keeper, and I was right! I love the colors, the print and the fun zipper front. I figured $44 was a good deal for something I knew I would get a lot of use out of. It does feel a bit short, but I’m still loving it!

Stitch Fix August 2017 Review #stitchfix #fashion #clothing

JELLA C Perez V-Neck Blouse

I was a bit on the fence about this JELLA C Perez V-Neck Blouse, but really loved the color. Once I realized it was only $34, I figured I might as well keep it. It’s a great option for Sunday brunch or other outdoor summer events. The new city we moved to averages 95 degrees in the summer, so I can use all the tanks I can get, this was a keeper!

Stitch Fix August 2017 Review #stitchfix #fashion #clothing

Liverpool Nik Skinny Jean

Although I love the look of white jeans, I’m just not good at owning them. These Liverpool Nik Skinny Jeans, priced at $78, are definitely cute and comfy. With 2 kids though, I’m lucky if I can make it through one wear without staining white clothing. I received some pastel pink jeans the other day in my latest box and those feel a bit safer for me, but these went back.

Stitch Fix August 2017 Review #stitchfix #fashion #clothing

Franco Sarto Calix Cork Wedge Heel

These Franco Sarto Calix Cork Wedge Heels are definitely my style. I love wedges and find them to be so much more comfortable than pumps or other heels. However, these were just a bit snug and I’m not a huge fan of red. Priced at $99, if I could get a half-size bigger and perhaps a different color, I’m in, but this pair had to go back.

Stitch Fix August 2017 Review #stitchfix #fashion #clothing

DERMAdoctor Specialist Skincare

Stitch Fix July 2017 Recap

I once again loved my Stitch Fix August 2017 box and found two great items to keep. I also wouldn’t mind those wedges in a slightly bigger size and different color! Want to try Stitch Fix for yourself? Visit Stitch Fix and fill out your style profile to get started. You’ll pay just a $20 styling fee for each shipment, which is credited towards anything you purchase. Five items will be shipped to your home to try on, you keep only want you want and send everything else back postage-paid!

Stitch Fix Review

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