Personal Trainer Food - The Journey Begins #personaltrainerfood #health #weightloss

Personal Trainer Food – The Journey Begins!

As a busy mom of two, it can be tough to keep my weight in check. I may only be 7 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight before any kids 10 years ago, but I already had a few pounds to lose even then. Ideally, I would love to drop 25-30 pounds, but it can be so overwhelming figuring out where to start! I was ecstatic when the crew at Personal Trainer Food invited me to test drive their healthy eating program for 28 days!

I just received my box of Personal Trainer Food and, wow, 28 days of 3 meals a day makes for a giant box. First tip to anyone embarking on this adventure, have a spare freezer available like we do! My 28 meals include eggs or omelets with sausage or bacon for breakfast, meat entrees for lunches or dinners and veggies for lunches or dinners. Also included in the box is a welcome guide with tips for success and a guide for what promotes or stalls weight loss.

Personal Trainer Food - The Journey Begins #personaltrainerfood #health #weightloss

I plan on posting weekly over the next few weeks to update you on my thoughts and progress with Personal Trainer Food. Let me know if you have any questions for me along the way and I’d be happy to answer them. Have any of you tried Personal Trainer Food previously? If so I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Personal Trainer Food - The Journey Begins #personaltrainerfood #health #weightloss

My Before Pic!

I received a free 28-day supply of food from Personal Trainer Food in exchange for a series of blog posts, but all opinions are my own.

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