Finger Painting Fun With WaterWipes! #WaterWipesMom #ad #IC @WaterWipesUSA

Finger Painting Fun With WaterWipes!

This post was sponsored by WaterWipes as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

It can sometimes be tough for busy moms to connect with each other and unwind. When we can’t get away for a mom’s night out, hosting a fun playdate works too! We can keep the kids busy with fun activities like arts & crafts while the moms catch up over coffee. When it’s time to clean up, having WaterWipes nearby always helps!

Finger Painting Fun With WaterWipes! #WaterWipesMom #ad #IC @WaterWipesUSA

We recently hosted a few friends for a finger painting playdate and everyone had a blast! We purchased paint, paper and brushes (for those who didn’t want to use their fingers) and set the kids up around the dining table. Us moms relaxed in the nearby living room on the sofa and talked about the new school year and our upcoming fall break plans. Yup, we have a two-week break coming up soon, we love year-round school!

Finger Painting Fun With WaterWipes! #WaterWipesMom #ad #IC @WaterWipesUSA

As would be expected, things got pretty messy with the finger painting! There was paint all over arms, faces, chairs, the table, you name it. Our WaterWipes easily took the paint off of the kids in no time. This came without any worries from parents since WaterWipes contain only 2 ingredients, 99.9% pure Irish water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract.

Finger Painting Fun With WaterWipes! #WaterWipesMom #ad #IC @WaterWipesUSA

I also used WaterWipes to quickly wipe the dried up paint from the table and a couple of chairs, then just followed up with a dry cloth. It worked wonderfully! I cleaned the paint brushes with them too, and then my hands when we were finished cleaning up. It was great having something both durable and effective to clean up with that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals that may be found in other wipes.

Finger Painting Fun With WaterWipes! #WaterWipesMom #ad #IC @WaterWipesUSA

Do you ever host messy playdates in your home? What are your tips and tricks for getting cleaned up afterwards? If you’d like to learn more about WaterWipes and how they might benefit your household, just visit the WaterWipes website. Let me know if you use them for your next playdate!

Finger Painting Fun With WaterWipes! #WaterWipesMom #ad #IC @WaterWipesUSA

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