Fashionable Surprises from Golden Tote #GoldenTote #fashion #style

Fashionable Surprises from Golden Tote!

Two of the things I love most in life are new clothing and fun surprises. Historically, the two haven’t gone hand in hand for me as I typically have to try on 20 things in a store before finding one thing I like that fits well. Being a busy mom of two, I just don’t have the luxury of spending all that time shopping anymore! I need a personal stylist who knows my sizes and style preferences and can surprise me with fun, fashionable clothing at affordable prices, and I have found that with Golden Tote!

Fashionable Surprises from Golden Tote #GoldenTote #fashion #style

The fun tote bag full of clothing that I received!

Each month, Golden Tote lists new items for sale on their website in limited quantities and at killer prices. You can choose from 3 different bundles or “Totes”, ranging from 2-5 items, some that you choose for yourself and others that your stylist chooses for you. I, for instance, sampled the “Golden Tote” which consisted of two items I chose for myself and 3 items that were picked by my stylist. Everything is shipped to your doorstep in a cute tote bag for you to try on at home.

Fashionable Surprises from Golden Tote #GoldenTote #fashion #style

My Choice #1 – Versatile V-Neck Blouse in Olive

Prices of Golden Tote items are heavily discounted, so my Golden Tote was only $149 if I decided to keep all 5 items, under $30 a piece, so affordable! My tote included 3 tops and 2 dresses, one of each I had chosen for myself and the other 2 tops and dress were chosen for me. I absolutely loved the items I chose and they both fit perfectly. I really liked 2 of the 3 items my stylist chose too, not bad!

Fashionable Surprises from Golden Tote #GoldenTote #fashion #style

My Choice #2 – Everyday Adventures Dress

There was only one item I didn’t really care for and I have two options. The dress can sent back to Golden Tote, but then the rest of my items would revert to regular price (mostly $40-45) as I would lose the tote discount. Or, I can opt to list the dress on a Golden Tote Facebook group that was set up specifically for women to trade or sell items they may not want. Since I wouldn’t actually get money back by sending just the dress back (due to losing the discount), I opted to list it in the trade group, maybe I’ll find something I like a bit better!

Fashionable Surprises from Golden Tote #GoldenTote #fashion #style

Stylist’s Choice – Skies Are Blue Embroidered Bib Top

Curious and want to try Golden Tote for yourself? Just visit the Golden Tote website and get started on your style profile. This will help your stylist get to know you and your preferences so that they can pick the perfect surprise items for your tote! There’s no need to commit to anything, you can always just give it a try once and see what you think!

Fashionable Surprises from Golden Tote #GoldenTote #fashion #style

Stylist’s Choice – THML Striped Tee with Ruffle Hem

I received a complimentary Golden Tote containing 5 clothing items in exchange for this post.

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