Healthy snacks with a2 Milk® #a2milk #ad #IC

Healthy Snacks After School With a2 Milk®

This post was sponsored by a2 Milk® as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

Our local school district is on a year-round calendar, so our kids just went back to school this week…already! Summer flew by for us, but we look forward to our 2-week fall break in September once everyone else is back in school. In the meantime, it’s back to packing snacks and lunches in the morning and prepping for snack attacks after school. Luckily my kids both love healthy snacks, and they love to enjoy them with a cold glass of a2 Milk®.

Healthy Snacks After School With a2 Milk® #a2milk #ad #IC

I know from experience that a lot of kids prefer sugary snacks and beverages after school. I feel like I’ve lucked out in that both of my kids despise soda and instead prefer water or milk. With lactose intolerance affecting many family members, I feel much more at ease offering my kids a2 Milk® than other brands of milk. a2 Milk® is the perfect replacement to overly processed alternatives like nut- or bean-based beverages, and it’s still real milk!

Healthy Snacks After School With a2 Milk® #a2milk #ad #IC

The A1 protein is the culprit behind many people’s discomfort after consuming dairy, and it is currently in all conventional & organic milks on the U.S. market. a2 Milk® is only produced by specially selected a2 cows, whose milk is naturally free of the A1 protein. It’s the perfect way for kids to still get the nutritional benefits of cow’s milk without the risk of lactose discomfort. a2 Milk® contains approximately 6x the amount of calcium as soy beverages, approximately 8x the protein of almond beverages and approximately 6x the potassium levels of rice beverages.

Healthy Snacks After School With a2 Milk® #a2milk #ad #IC

An independent study has shown that 1 in 4 Americans have discomfort after drinking milk; yet only 5-7% of the population has been clinically diagnosed with lactose intolerance. 
If you think one of your children might fall into this huge undiagnosed population, you might want to give a2 Milk® a try. There’s nothing like a cold glass of milk after school with some yummy snacks! What healthy snacks do you think your kids would love to pair with a2 Milk® when they get home from school?

Healthy Snacks After School With a2 Milk® #a2milk #ad #IC

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