Stitch Fix Review June 2016 #fashion #style #stitchfix

Stitch Fix Review June 2016

It’s a new month and that means a new Stitch Fix review! This month I received items from Loveappella, Skies Are Blue, Pixley, Kut From The Kloth and Seychelles. Everything fit well and was in line with my style, but ultimately I decided not to keep anything. I just wasn’t blown away by any one item enough to keep it.

Stitch Fix Review June 2016 - Pixley Pompano Contrast Raw Neckline Knit Top and Kut From The Kloth Aviva Distressed Boyfriend Jean #fashion #style #stitchfix

The Pixley Pompano Contrast Raw Neckline Knit Top ($58) paired well with the Kut From The Kloth Aviva Distressed Boyfriend Jean ($88) and Seychelles Awe Suede Slide Platform Wedge ($100) as seen in the photo above. It was a whole outfit right in the box which was great! However, my first impression of the Pixley top was that it looked like an old worn out shirt, it was a little too distressed for me. I love the color though!

The jeans were a great fit and very cute, I love Kut From The Kloth denim. However, I have been keeping a lot of jeans lately and I think I need to take a hiatus from buying jeans until I purge a few pairs from my closet! I’m not a huge fan of holes in denim either, it’s just not my thing. I still went back and forth on these jeans though, they really are cute and comfy, but decided to send them back in the end.

Stitch Fix Review June 2016 - Loveappella Caistor Split Back Knit Top #fashion #style #stitchfix

When I first saw the Loveappella Caistor Split Back Knit Top pictured above ($48), I was excited to just have a casual tee in my box. Then I saw the peek-a-boo back, what a fun surprise! I just didn’t like that the back was so much longer than the front of the top. The front almost seemed too short and it just felt a little boxy overall.

Stitch Fix Review June 2016 - Skies Are Blue Keagan Knit Dress #fashion #style #stitchfix

I loved the fabric and feel of the Skies Are Blue Keagan Knit Dress ($68) but it just didn’t seem to fit right. The top felt a bit small and it was probably a little too short for me to wear comfortably. The color and print were fun, but it just wasn’t right for me. I can definitely use some cute summer dresses but this one just didn’t cut it unfortunately.

Last but not least were the Seychelles Awe Suede Slide Platform Wedges ($100). These were very cute, definitely my style, but they wouldn’t stay on my feet! I kept sliding out of them and was afraid I’d twist my ankle. I’ve worn heels my whole life and have great balance, so I’m not sure why I had such a tough time with these! I think they were a tad bit too small so maybe that was part of it. Nevertheless, they were sent back too.

Stitch Fix Review June 2016 - Seychelles Awe Suede Slide Platform Wedges #fashion #style #stitchfix

So, all in all not a glowing Stitch Fix review from me this month, but that’s okay. You can’t win ’em all right?! I’ve been very happy with the last several months of Stitch Fix so I’m going to keep giving in to my addiction! Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? It’s only $20 to get your own box of five items and the $20 gets credited towards anything you decide to keep. There are no commitments to continue if you don’t love it , just fill out your style profile to get started!

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