Online Music Lessons From The 44th Note #music #guitar #musiclessons

Online Music Lessons From The 44th Note

My son was gifted a Fender Squier electric guitar for Christmas a few years ago from my guitar-playing father. Austin has always shown an interest in his guitar but just played around with it not really knowing was he was doing. I finally started to think he was ready for formal lessons as he turned 8 this year, so I started looking around for options. With his busy little league schedule and his sister’s gymnastics and ballet classes, it was hard to find music lessons that fit into our schedule and budget simultaneously.

Online Music Lessons From The 44th Note #music #guitar #musiclessons

When I was approached by Jeff Shephard, owner of The 44th Note, about his online music lessons taught via webcam, the timing couldn’t have been better. Jeff was looking for moms like me to help him get the word out about his service, so we agreed to take a test drive in order to share our honest feedback with all of you. We easily signed up for our 4 classes online and were able to schedule them to fit perfectly into our schedule.

Online Music Lessons From The 44th Note #music #guitar #musiclessons

Austin’s first lesson with The 44th Note covered all of the basics, he learned about the different parts of his guitar, how to read basic guitar music and which notes his guitar strings corresponded to. It was so nice being able to let him do his online music lessons in the other room while I started dinner. No need to drive anywhere and no embarrassment over my messy house if an instructor were to come visit! He learned a few notes from Smoke on the Water and was tasked with practicing 4 times for 15 minutes each prior to his next weekly lesson.

Each weekly lesson was followed up shortly by a lesson recap video provided by Jeff. It summed up what Austin learned that day and reinforced the important parts of each lesson. This was a very helpful component to the online music lessons, it was almost like getting two lessons for one! I was very impressed at how much my son learned after just one lesson, and it only got better from there.

Online Music Lessons From The 44th Note #music #guitar #musiclessons

After his 3rd lesson, Jeff asked Austin if he could record a video of him during his 4th lesson playing Smoke on the Water for The 44th Note website. Austin was so excited and practiced so hard that week! The video is below, not bad for just a few lessons right?!

Music lessons are a great activity for summer break since there will be plenty of time to practice. With online music lessons from The 44th Note, you’ll easily be able to schedule classes between theme park trips and family vacations and won’t have to worry about conflicts with summer sports schedules! They offer lessons for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, ukulele and piano, there’s something for everyone. Parents can of course take lessons too, I even learned a bit just watching my son!

Online Music Lessons From The 44th Note #music #guitar #musiclessons

The 44th Note was kind enough to offer a special discount just for my readers! Simply mention that you saw this post on Stylishly Social and get your first 2 lessons for only $25 ($12.50 each). You can register by calling (844)-TAKENOW or sending an e-mail to I’d love to hear your thoughts if you give The 44th Note a try!

We received complimentary music lessons in exchange for this review.

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