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Motivate with a Wantable Fitness Edit

It’s that time of year again when many of us have overindulged and begin making promises to ourselves to get healthier in the new year. I know I’ve fallen off the gym bandwagon a bit too, with the kids home from school and so much shopping and baking to do, there just wasn’t time! The new year is a wonderful chance to set new goals for a healthier lifestyle, whether it be eating better, getting more exercise, or both!

Wantable Fitness Edit

I for one love a little motivation and I have found that in the form of the Wantable Fitness Edit. I’ve written previously about a couple of fashion subscription boxes, including the Style Edit from Wantable, but this was my first time trying a box geared towards fitness wear.

Like most subscription clothing boxes, you first fill out an extensive style profile, noting your sizes and preferences for style, fit, color, etc. With the Wantable Fitness Edit, you can also specify whether you want items for running, yoga or the gym. Then, a week or two later, a box arrives in your mailbox filled with 5 fun fitness items for you to try on at home. Keep what you want, send back the rest in a postage paid envelope, it’s so easy!

wantable fitness edit

I received a fun assortment of items including 2 tops, an exercise bra, pants and a wrap. I gravitated towards the bra right away as I’m in desperate need of a new one and can’t ever seem to find an ideal fit. I’m “blessed” in the chest as some might say (more like a curse if you ask me), so I need good support and full coverage. This Glyder Full Force Bra in Neon Peach fit the bill perfectly, and priced at $50, seemed like a great item to keep.

Wantable Fitness Edit

I pretty much knew from looking at the Printed Leggings in Geometric Afterglow that they weren’t a keeper for me. I don’t wear a lot of color, and though I did ask for color in this box so I could experiment, this was a bit too much for me! I still tried them on though and they were SO comfortable that I actually had second thoughts about sending them back. At $72, I just didn’t like the print and colors enough to keep them.

Wantable Fitness Edit

The $69 Soybu Aubrey Wrap was cute and comfy, but just not something I needed right now. I liked the Jennifer Tank in black, but at $56, I didn’t like it enough to hold on to it, it was pretty basic and lightweight. I loved the colors, print and price on the $38 Leopard Print Sports Tank, but sadly, it was just a tad too snug for my liking. Maybe after I get the workouts going again it would work!

Wantable Fitness Edit

All in all, this was a really fun box and I’m excited to have a great new sports bra to hit the gym in. I’ve been trying to run more and this will definitely leave me with one less excuse! Interested in trying a Wantable Fitness Edit for yourself? Visit Wantable.com┬áto get started on your fitness profile and you’ll be on your way to more motivation to exercise!

*I received Wantable credits in exchange for this post, but all opinions are my own.

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