Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Most of us have unfortunately been touched by cancer more than once. Perhaps it was your own personal battle, or that of a friend or relative. Each experience is different, each fight is unique. Treatments also need to be unique to cater to the differences in each cancer patient’s journey. Cancer Treatment Centers of America®(CTCA) offers this type of customized treatment for cancer, and so much more.

I’ve had so many friends and family members conquer cancer, including my cousin who won a battle with brain cancer when we were both just 9 years old. More recently, I had a close friend who fought off Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at just 25 years old while I was pregnant with my first child. Nothing, though, could compare to the shock of finding out my own mother had cancer earlier this year. It was an emotional roller coaster for everyone involved, but I feel so grateful that after having surgery, my mom’s uterine cancer is in remission and she’s doing great.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

My kids were their Grandma’s biggest supporters!

Not everyone has cancer that can be helped by surgery, and some who do may not get the results they were hoping for. Again, every cancer experience is different and every treatment needs to be as well. CTCA uses leading technology to aggressively treat cancer. They also support you with nutrition and other therapies, because they know that managing the side effects of cancer treatment is half the battle.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has many different facilities available, yet over 70% of CTCA patients travel to one of their hospitals from another state because of their expertise. CTCA physicians have extensive experience in treating many forms of cancer, including complex and advanced-stage diseases. CTCA hospitals offer advanced technologies and tools to fight cancer combined with integrative oncology services to improve quality of life—all under one roof. Patients of CTCA receive an individualized, comprehensive treatment plan from a team of cancer experts.

From the moment a new patient contacts CTCA, they will work tirelessly to ensure that treatment is as convenient and stress-free as possible. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has a very experienced team that will take care of every detail of every visit, from gathering medical records to scheduling appointments and booking your travel and lodging. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is there for you and your loved ones in your most difficult of times.

I received compensation for this post as part of a promotional program with CTCA and MomSelect

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