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Discover Your Because Moment

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Many of us are busy parents, juggling what seems like a million tasks this holiday season. From school recitals to company parties, holiday shopping and prepping dinner for 20, we often find little time left over for ourselves. So many of us, myself included, neglect to schedule in time to decompress and unwind. As a result, we might find ourselves irritable, exhausted and unable to focus on the tasks at hand.

because moment massage envy

Massage Envy wants to help change this cycle. We all need to take pause in our hectic schedules to check-in and tune up every now and then. This concept of taking time to renew is referred to by Massage Envy as Total Body Care, and it’s a key component of our individual wellness journey. Massage Envy is dedicated to helping their members and guests achieve Total Body Care, all it takes is scheduling a tiny bit of time for yourself on a regular basis.

because moment massage envy

The only excuse you need to take this time for yourself is ‘because’.  Because you just volunteered your day, and your sanity, at your son’s class party. Because you waited in line all morning at the DMV. Because you finally found the perfect gift after weeks of searching. Because you locked your keys in the car. Because you finally started training for a 5K after so many years of saying you would. We all have at least one ‘Because Moment’ each and every day, likely many more!

because moment massage envy

What is my Because Moment and the reason I am scheduling time for my own visit to Massage Envy? Because I’m a mom, plain and simple. It will help me relax and enjoy all of the holiday activities for what they are, rather looking at them as tasks. It will help me find mental clarity and be able to focus better on what all I need to accomplish. It will help me to cherish my children even more than I already do.

because moment massage envy

What is your Because Moment? Discover it and let Massage Envy help you manage this thing called life. Because you deserve it!

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