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Asurion Premier Support

If you are like many people, you or an immediate family has some sort of tech device on your holiday wish list. Amidst the fun and excitement of having a new gadget to play with, you also need to think about how to protect your device in case of theft or damage. With Asurion, you not only get that insurance coverage, but an additional perk of tech support with Premier Support, a free service for all Asurion customers. Premier Support brings you an expert team of specialists who are ready to answer any tech-related questions you might have. From transferring photos to connecting to your printer, Premier Support can assist you with any of these technological stumbling blocks.

asurion premier support

Total Mobile Protection from Asurion

Asurion has partnered with the nation’s leading wireless carriers, including my own carrier, Verizon Wireless, to provide device protection and Premier Support to solve everyday problems. As offered through Verizon, Total Mobile Protection includes Asurion’s device insurance as well as Premier Support services. I had a chance to test drive the service myself with some questions that I had regarding unfamiliar files on my Samsung Galaxy S6 that were taking up large amounts of space. I wanted to clean up my storage on my phone but was unsure if the files were necessary for my phone to function or if they were safe for me to delete. With a quick call to a tech coach through Verizon Total Mobile Protection, I was easily able to sort through which files were necessary for my phone to operate properly, and which files were just taking up space unnecessarily.

verizon total mobile protection

Asurion Premier Support Availability

If you happen to be the lucky recipient of a new tech gadget this holiday season, make sure to look into protecting yourself with Asurion with Premier Support. The names vary by carrier as follows:

Contact your provider for more information about Asurion by clicking on the appropriate link above. Have you already utilized Premier Support from Asurion? What was your experience?

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