TB Blood Test

The TB Blood Test is Here!

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Many of my readers are parents of school aged children like myself. I love being able to volunteer weekly at my son’s school, but as we all know, in order to volunteer, you need to have a tuberculosis (TB) test done first. The current requirement is that the TB test is done every 4 years for school volunteers like myself, which means 2 trips to the doctor each time. The second visit is a few days after the first, and is for the injection site to be inspected for a raised lump that would signal a TB infection. For busy parents, getting to the doctor once is a chore, but getting there twice in the same week can be nearly impossible. That is why I am so intrigued by a new TB testing option that has recently become available, the TB Blood Test.

There was a definite need for scientific advances over the 110-year old TB skin test, and these advances have arrived in the form of the TB Blood Test. With greater accuracy and more reliable results, the TB Blood Test is the only TB test available with completely objective results as they are not open to visual interpretation. Gone is the need for a second visit to the doctor each time you or a family member has a TB test. You also no longer have to worry about false positives resulting from previous TB vaccinations, which are of concern with the TB skin test. In addition, many people experience severe itching and irritation at the puncture site with a traditional TB test, that will no longer be an issue with the TB Blood Test.  

TB Blood Test

The TB Blood Test only requires a small 3ml draw of blood, regardless of the patient’s age or immune status. One quick trip to the lab and you’re done. All doctor’s offices are different, but I know at mine, a lab visit is done in minutes and there is rarely ever a wait. It truly is easier and much more time efficient than having two separate doctor visits. The TB Blood Test brings along with it more ease, more time and more certainty. What parent doesn’t want all of that?! For more info on The TB Blood Test, visit http://TheTBBloodTest.com.

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