Solvaderm Stemuderm

Solvaderm Stemuderm Review

I recently reviewed my first product from Solvaderm, their Ace-Ferulic Serum, and was really impressed with the quick and lasting results that I saw. So, when presented with the opportunity to test drive another dermatological treatment from Solvaderm, I couldn’t resist! I was sent a full-size sample of Stemuderm, a concentrated anti-aging solution that addresses all of the signs of aging to wipe out fine lines and restore skin’s youthful appearance. Stemuderm is infused with powerful wrinkle-fighting peptides that inhibit muscle contractions to prevent the formation of furrows and creases. It also contains a skin-firming complex that serves to increase collagen synthesis, which enhances elasticity and tone. To help soothe the skin, a blend of moisturizers quench and soften while also providing a plumping effect to fill in surface irregularities. So what did I think?

Solvaderm Stemuderm

When using Stemuderm for the first time, I noticed how gentle and smooth it felt. It’s in a lotion form and although it moisturizes well, it’s not greasy or oily in any way. I have pretty normal skin, but I would venture to guess that this product performs great on a wide range of skin types, from oily to dry. At night I used Stemuderm on its own after cleansing and toning. During the day, I found that I wanted a bit more moisturization before applying my somewhat dry foundation. Within days I started to notice I looked a bit different in the mirror. I had to take a closer look! I realized my laugh lines and forehead creases had pretty much disappeared. I definitely felt like my skin had a fuller and more plump appearance, almost as if I had some cosmetic filler injections, but so much more natural looking! It’s been a few weeks now and I am still loving the results. I’ve yet to experience any irritation and am now using the product at least daily, sometimes twice a day.

Interested in giving Stemuderm a try for yourself? Visit for more information and to purchase!

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