trilane retinol + vitamin C

Trilane Retinol + Vitamin C

Retinol has long been an ingredient of choice in skincare products because of its ability to reduce fine lines, fade brown spots and quicken natural cell turnover. However, many women (myself included) have had troubles with this highly sought after ingredient, with issues ranging from dry, flaky skin, to significant irritation after use. When retinol is combined with intensely hydrating products, however, these sometimes harsh side effects can be diminished, as is the case with Trilane Retinol + Vitamin C moisturizer. I was recently able to try a full-size sample of Trilane Retinol + Vitamin C and so far I am loving the results, and the lack of retinol-related side effects!

trilane retinol + vitamin C

Trilane Retinol + Vitamin C uses a proprietary blend of retinol, vitamin C, and key botanicals, combined with ultra-hydrating squalane and firming jojoba esters. This powerful antioxidant-packed oil gently hydrates and reduces dryness—something other retinol products have a hard time doing. Plus, cucumber and licorice extracts work to help soothe and calm the skin. Trilane Retinol + Vitamin C is a silky, clear product that glides on like a serum but is completely nongreasy. It smoothes skin texture, goes deep into the skin to unclog pores, reduces the appearance of brown spots, and delivers a powerhouse of gentle exfoliation benefits to help keep your skin fresh and new. Plus, its powerful antioxidant properties help ward off future damage from environmental stresses on your skin. Vitamin C was added to brighten and clarify the skin. Combined with retinol, vitamin C helps reduce unwanted irritation associated with retinol-only products. Trilane Retinol + Vitamin C moisturizer is even gentle enough to use as part of your everyday Trilane skincare routine.trilane retinol + vitamin c

So, what did I think? Upon first use, I immediately noticed how gentle this product was. It almost reminds me of using a serum or facial oil as it’s so silky smooth and light feeling. However, I also immediately noticed how intensely hydrating this product is! I used it for the first time at night and woke up with moisturized, supple skin in the morning that was still glowing from the application of Trilane Retinol + Vitamin C the night before. My fine lines already seem to be diminishing after just 10 days or so of use and my skin appears brighter and healthier. All of this without a single moment of irritation, redness, dryness or anything of the like. No side effects at all for that matter! Interested in giving Trilane Retinol + Vitamin C a try for yourself? I have an exclusive 20% off coupon code you can use at Amazon for your own bottle of Trilane Retinol + Vitamin C! Just use code SAVERETC and save 20% off your first purchase of Trilane Retinol + Vitamin C sold by Healthy Directions on (Promotion code expires 12/31/15)

*I received a complimentary full-size sample of Trilane Retinol + Vitamin C in exchange for this review.



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