The Wantable Style Edit Has Arrived!

Many of my readers know that I’ve been a long time Stitch Fix subscriber and love the excitement of getting a box of mystery clothing and accessories each month! I hadn’t been too happy with a few of my recent Stitch Fix boxes though, so I thought I’d look for something new. I came across Wantable last month and learned that they were just getting ready to add a Wantable Style Edit to their repertoire that already included subscription boxes (edits) for jewelry, makeup, lingerie and active wear. This is a well-rounded company! I figured I’d give the new Style Edit a try, why not?! Like Stitch Fix, each box of 5 items requires a $20 styling fee, which you get credited back if you decide to purchase anything. You also get a 25% discount if you decide to keep all 5 items in your box.
wantable style edit

My first Wantable Style Edit arrived just a few days ago and I was SO happy with the look of all of the items when I first opened it! I later realized it was probably so visually pleasing to me initially because everything in it had neutral shades of gray, black and white which is what I wear 90% of the time. I do love to try pops of color here and there but I’m a neutral girl at heart! So, the first item I gravitated to was this Olive & Oak Jersey Swing Dress in Granite (below), priced at $68. I love the style, fabric and feel of this dress! However, it was a little too loose and flowy on me which is more noticeable on a side view than in this pic. If it were a tad more fitted it could’ve been a keeper.

wantable style edit

Olive & Oak Jersey Swing Dress

I received another dress in this box as well, the French Connection Polly Plains Dress, priced at $78. It was light as a feather when I picked it up and I actually thought it would be too small looking at it. But, I put it on and was pleasantly surprised that it fit perfectly and was so unique, and cute! The white fabric on top is sheer, but not overly so. This fabric also continued onto the back of the dress in a deep V which I love! I really like the versatility of this dress, it could be worn for a game day BBQ or a fancy night out! This one is definitely a must keep!

wantable style edit

French Connection Polly Plains Dress

The next 2 items pictured below are the BB Dakota Codie Tank and the Kut Mia Toothpick Skinny Contingent Jeans. Let me start with these jeans as they are pure perfection! The wash is exactly what I needed at the moment and the fit is fabulous! They are super stretchy and comfortable, especially around the waist which is key. I like to be able to eat in my skinny jeans! Priced at $79, I just had to have these jeans. The Codie tank is super cute with a horizontal cut out in the back right below the bra line. I’m still on the fence about this one, priced at $57. I better decide soon!

wantable style edit

BB Dakota Codie Tank & Kut Mia Toothpick Skinny Contingent Jeans

Last but not least was the Dex Heather Top with Lace, again paired with the fabulous Kut Mia Toothpick Skinny Contingent Jeans. I like this top but sadly it was a bit too small for me. It felt too short, the sleeves seemed tight and just overall it felt a little too snug. Priced at $39, had this fit a bit better I may well have kept it. I love the lace detail on the shoulder and it was oh so soft!

wantable style edit

Dex Heather Top with Lace & Kut Mia Toothpick Skinny Contingent Jean

So there you have it! All in all this was a great introduction to Wantable and they’ve definitely left me wanting more! I’m keeping 2-3 items and the other two I really liked style wise, they just weren’t a perfect fit. Those are better results that I usually get in a fitting room when I’m picking my own clothes! If you’re interested in checking out a Wantable Style Edit for yourself, visit the Wantable website and get started on your style profile. I’d love to hear what you think!


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