Like Diamonds? Then You’ll Love Anjolee!

Whether you are searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift or looking for a special gift to yourself, diamonds are always a sure bet! What’s even better is being able to customize a piece of jewelry by choosing your carat weight, diamond quality, metal type and more. Anjolee has made shopping for fine jewelry into an art, where you are the artist creating your own masterpiece. You can customize anything from an engagement ring to a tennis necklace to create the exact look and budget that you want.

I recently received a sample jewelry item from Anjolee for purposes of reviewing and chose the Gemstone Center Horizontal Diamond Pendant. I opted for this piece as I wanted something simple and elegant to pair with a cocktail dress for an upcoming wedding, and it’s perfect! With this specific necklace, you have the option to choose your stones and could perhaps put a beautiful amethyst or sapphire as the center stone. You can also customize the metal type, diamond carat weight, diamond quality and chain length. It’s actually pretty fun looking through the different options and creating that perfect piece of jewelry that you are looking for!


Anjolee has a great return policy, so if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return any item in its original condition within 30 days of receipt and they will provide a refund, replacement, or an exchange. Anjolee also offers a one year warranty on manufacturing defects. The warranty period starts from the day the order is received and extends to 365 days after that date. It covers the quality of diamonds, metal, total carat weight, gemstones, and craftsmanship.

I’m looking forward to wearing my new Anjolee pendant to my brother’s wedding next weekend, and many more times thereafter! Do you have a special occasion coming up, or perhaps someone very special you need to find a unique gift for? If so, visit Anjolee and enjoy the art of customizing your own jewelry.

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