Stitch Fix April 2015 Review

Stitch Fix

I’m proposing a change to the Stitch Fix system. Each shipment, let us pick online from 10-12 items you think we might like. Let us also make any necessary size changes perhaps based on a feedback system from other users (Like Rent the Runway!) I love the idea of Stitch Fix and have had some fun with it, but I’m growing so tired of getting items I just don’t like (or need), or things that I love but are way too small or way too big!

Ok, I’ll jump off my soapbox and get onto my Stitch Fix April review. I let my stylist know I was prepping for a trip to Cabo for a wedding and would love some stuff to bring along, perhaps even a dress to wear to the wedding. Here’s what I received:

Street Level Anchorage Striped Canvas Tote

I actually really like this tote (pictured below) and at $64 this would be perfect for a beach getaway. Problem is, I just got a nearly identical striped tote from my mom. It’s red & white, but it’s still rather similar. So, had I been given choices, I would not have had this tote sent to me but may have opted for a different style of bag or another article of clothing.

Stitch Fix Street Level Anchorage Striped Canvas Tote & Papermoon Waters Printed Maxi Dress

Street Level Anchorage Striped Canvas Tote & Papermoon Waters Printed Maxi Dress

Papermoon Waters Printed Maxi Dress

Although I’ve already mentioned to the Stitch Fix stylists that I don’t really wear maxi dresses, I still got another one. I even bought one from Stitch Fix that I’ve only worn once, I just have a tough time pulling them off with my shorter stature. I prefer to show my legs a bit, I feel like it makes me look a little longer and leaner! Nonetheless, I like the look of this one as it’s a nice casual tank style. It fit well, the print was cute, the price was right at $64. I almost kept it and then remembered, wait, I never wear these things.

Andrew Marc Hera Sheath Dress

Super cute dress. Not what I had in mind at all for a beachy wedding in Cabo, but still cute. Love the color, I’m glad my stylist picked up on my love of this shade of blue. But, sadly, too tight. I think I could squeeze it on and maybe with some Spanx I could pull it off, but I’m looking for a little less effort. It’s going to be 90 degrees at wedding time! No Spanx you! At $138 it just wasn’t worth not breathing for.

Stitch Fix

Dear John Finnegan Roll Cuff Chino Short

Meh. I don’t know what else to say. The Finnegan Roll Cuff Chino Short was also too small so it was tough to really gauge if they were cute or not. They look cute in the picture, but they didn’t feel cute on me at all. Funny thing is, my mom got the same exact shorts this month and I think she decided against them too. The price of $48 was okay, but these shorts just didn’t interest me at all.

finnegan roll cuff chino short

Le Lis Jolla Mixed Material Knit Top

One more change I would like to see at Stitch Fix, do away with all of these “longer in the back” shirts, or mullet shirts as I like to call them. Ugh. Every time I get one I complain about the style, and again, I keep getting them. I’m talking like every shipment. It’s weird. Okay, the print in back was pretty and I liked the idea of the different material in back, plus the price was right at $48, but it just didn’t work on me at all with the varying lengths. It was too long even in the front, so in the back it was like a mini dress.Stitch Fix

Well, there you have it. I decided not to keep anything this month and forego my $20 styling fee. I usually find something to keep just to get that $20 back but it didn’t make sense to spend $64 on something I wasn’t sure I’d ever wear. It wasn’t completely off base this month, but not one of my favorite fixes. I’ll probably give Stitch Fix one more try in a couple of months, they’re tough to break up with…I always wonder what I’m missing!

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