#StumbleBloggers Launched by StumbleUpon

My fellow bloggers know that StumbleUpon can be such a great resource for driving page views on your site. However, historically, not being able to add your own pages to StumbleUpon has proven a bit frustrating for many! Bloggers, StumbleUpon is ready to change things up and get us more involved! Introducing the #StumbleBloggers program, where us bloggers can submit our own posts on a specific topic supplied by StumbleUpon. For December, they’ve selected two themes – The Holidays and Teach Me Something Awesome – and bloggers can submit one page per theme. The deadline for the StumbleBloggers Holidays theme has passed and the final list can be viewed, and stumbled, on StumbleUpon now! The Teach Me Something Awesome deadline is fast approaching on 12/16, so head here to learn more and submit your link to get in on the StumbleBloggers fun!


If you want to help spread the word about this amazing new program, check out the Thunderclap campaign for #StumbleBloggers!


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