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Stitch Fix November 2014

Stitch Fix

Every month, I look so forward to getting my Stitch Fix boxes and my Stitch Fix November box was no exception! I have to admit, I cheat every month and as soon as I get the e-mail saying my box has shipped, I login to see what is in it and google everything right away! That’s part of why I like to write this review every month, so people who are overly anxious like me can see what things look like! Let’s get to it!

stitch fix november

One of my fave items from this months’ box was the Pixley Trisha Cut-Out Back Knit Shirt. I’m a huge lover of basic black and from the front, that’s all this is. But the two cutouts beneath either shoulder in the back make it a really fun shirt! At $54 I felt the price was reasonable to add another black shirt to my wardrobe (plus I got my $20 styling fee credited towards the price!)

stitch fix november

My next fave item in this box was probably the Tart Jeremain Snake Print Mixed Material Tank. Such a super cute print! I’m not a huge racerback tank person though, but if this tank was cheaper I may have still gone for it. At $74 though, I just thought this one was a bit too much for what it was.

stitch fix november

One that I was on the fence about this month was the LA Made Nettie Thermal Dress. I thought it was so cute, so comfortable and a fun unique dress unlike anything I have. I just wasn’t sure if I’d really wear it much! I’m not a big dress person unless I’m dressing up for a night out, and this was more of a casual dress. On my receipt it said the dress was $88 so I sent it packing. But, when I checked out online it said $58! I may have actually kept it at that price. Oh well, perhaps it wasn’t meant to be!

mavi freida skinny jeans

The Mavi Freida Ankle Length Skinny Jeans ($98) were cute, very stretchy, exactly my style for jeans. I just have so many similar jeans right now! That and the Mavi Freida Skinny Jeans were a bit snug, but I won’t blame that on Stitch Fix…I hadn’t been eating too well all week! Darn Halloween candy…

stitch fix november

Lastly was my one big disappointment in this box, the Bay to Baubles Burke Geometric Structure Statement Necklace. I actually thought it looked really cute (and like something I would totally buy at just $28) when I first took it out of the box. Unfortunately, once I opened it up I realized it felt very cheaply made and flimsy, which is not typical of the Stitch Fix jewelry I’ve gotten in the past. It’s too bad, I really liked the style!

All in all, my Stitch Fox November box was another fun collection of items! It’s always tough to decide what to keep and what not to! I’d love to hear what you thought about your own Stitch Fix box this month. Not a member? It’s commitment-free and only $20 a month, which you get credited toward anything you decide to purchase! Just visit for more details and to fill out your personal style profile!

**This post contains affiliate links for Stitch Fix. If you click the link and subscribe, I will receive a small incentive, but it will not affect your price in any way.


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