Is Tsu A Social Media Game Changer?


How is Tsu Different?

Do you ever sit back and ponder over the fact that social media giants like Mark Zuckerberg are gazillionaires because of you? Your content is what made them rich. Every time someone viewed what you posted, ad revenue trickled right into their bank accounts. So, all of those pictures of your new baby made them money. That horrible photo you were tagged in at the drunken bachelorette party that you quickly had removed, that made them money too. Your rant on Facebook about the rude mom at the park, that helped make Mark Zuckerberg rich too. So, what if a new social network were created that allowed you to retain complete ownership over your content, meaning that the money you generated from views of your posts went to YOU? What if you also earned a portion of the revenue from people you referred to this new social network? Enter Tsū, a brand new social network that is quickly gaining traction with social media early adopters.


My Tsu profile page, a very clean and easy to use design.


Can I Really Make Money on Tsu?

I just joined Tsu less than 3 weeks ago and have already enjoyed the experience so much. I find that people are interacting more, posts are being shared more and I’m getting to know a lot of really great new people. The benefit in all of this is that I’m also making money from every little activity! Granted, it’s just pocket change for now, but the user base and my own network are still very small. I’m making roughly 50 cents a night with just 80 “children” (friends who joined with my link) and 400 friends. Imagine if I had over 3,000 followers like I do on Twitter who were viewing and sharing my posts every day?


A screenshot from the Tsu app for Android of my Tsu bank account


Tsu in a Nutshell

Tsu gives 90% of all generated revenue back to its users, and keeps only 10% for themselves. Half of what you earn comes from your own content, the other half comes from content of those that you’ve referred, and the people they refer, and so on down the line. Just visit your “settings” page and click the “invitations” link to get your unique short code that you can use to invite friends (it’s also your profile page url). You can also view your “family tree” from your settings page and see exactly who has joined from your referral link. You can cash out your earnings once you hit a certain threshold, or you can use it for peer-to-peer transactions too. I think this is an amazing concept that will really revolutionize the way we use social media. All the work we’ve all done to gain followers on Twitter, post all of our family photos to Facebook, pucker up for an Instagram selfie, we finally have a chance to profit from! All you have to do on Tsu is exactly what you’re already doing! The opportunities for growth on Tsu are really exciting, and I hope you join me there to experience it first hand!

**Read my post about my experience with Tsu one month later!

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