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Farm Fresh To You – Organic Produce Delivery

farm fresh to you

Our first Farm Fresh To You delivery

Living in California, CSAs (Consumer Supported Agriculture) have been all the rage in recent years. If you aren’t familiar with them, they are basically a way for consumers to buy local organic produce directly from farms and avoid the sometimes hit-and-miss selection at grocery stores. We’ve been members of 2 different local CSAs in the past and really loved both experiences, but after awhile we noticed we were getting the same items over and over again. We grew tired of baking kale chips and staring at our beets wondering how we could make ourselves like them. I had always wished there was a way to swap things out we may not care for, or were just tired of.

Farm Fresh To You may just have had the most perfect timing ever when they contacted me about writing a sponsored blog post for their customized CSA program. I was all ears from the second they approached me and have quickly turned into one of their biggest fans! Not only does Farm Fresh To You partner with other local organic farms to bring even bigger variety to their boxes, but they allow you to fully customize every aspect of your delivery. And when I say delivery, I mean front door delivery, not someone’s house 2 zip codes away where you have to pick it up. How perfect for a busy family on the go like ours!

farmfreshtoyou promo code

Enter the promo code JENN1663 at the bottom of the sign up page.

I signed up for our first box in less than 5 minutes, it was very simple. You start by entering your zip code to check availability in your area. As of right now, Farm Fresh To You is available in parts of San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area. You also have the option of entering a promo code, and lucky for you I have one, just use code JENN1663 and you’ll save $10 on your first box!

You then choose your box type ranging from mixed fruit & veggie to just one or the other or even a no cooking required box. You also choose your size from 4 choices ranging from small for 1-2 people (for $26) to monster for 6+people (for $58). You also get to customize the frequency of your boxes, and although I initially chose every other week, I immediately changed it to weekly after being so pleased with our first delivery. Finally, you choose your first delivery date and then enter your account and credit card info, confirm your info, and you’re ready to get your first Farm Fresh To You box!

farm fresh to you

Select your box type, size and frequency

Several days prior to each delivery from Farm Fresh To You, you’ll get an e-mail alerting you that your box is ready to customize. You can log in to your account and see what has been chosen for you and choose to take it as is, or add and remove items as you’d like (prices are listed so you can see how changes affect your box price). In our first box, I removed a few things in favor of my fave honeycrisp apples and some jalapeños, both of which I’m so glad we ordered! I sliced the apples up each morning and put them in tupperware for mid-day snacks for the kids and I and they were a huge hit with all of us.

We’ve used jalapeños nearly every night in dishes ranging from spicy oven roasted potatoes & carrots (both from our box also) to carne asada tacos to a game day guacamole. The jalapeños were fabulous and had a great kick! My other fave choice from our box was the zucchini. My husband grills it with steaks and this had to be the best zucchini we’ve had! I could tell from the dark green color and crispness that they were going to taste good, but I was still blown away by how fresh and flavorful they were. So, like I said earlier, we’re hooked. I’m in this for the long haul, what’s not to love?!

farm fresh to you

Fully customize your box for each delivery

Remember, if you decide to give Farm Fresh To You a try, use code JENN1663 on their sign up page to save $10 on your first box. Once you sign up, you’ll get your own promo code to share with friends & family, and when they use it, you get a $25 credit in your account!  I’d love to hear about your experience if you do order, and please share any recipes that you utilize for your produce. Whether you make smoothies, organic baby food or something gourmet, I love getting new ideas from my readers!

farm fresh to you

Yummy game day guacamole!

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Farm Fresh To You. I received credit towards a free box of produce in addition to monetary compensation in order to write this post. However, all statements and opinions are completely my own.

farm fresh to you

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