Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy

Pull-Ups, A Potty Training Necessity!

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Potty Training with Pull-Ups

Are you getting ready to potty train your child? My oldest is a 6-year old boy and my daughter just turned 2 a few months ago. It seems like ages ago when we potty trained our son, but I remember how important a role Pull-Ups played in the process! We let him roam naked by day as he trained, but at night or if we had to leave the house we would put him in Pull-Ups and they always worked like a charm. They were easy to pull down for him to use the potty and had absorbency similar to diapers in case he didn’t make it in time. So, now that it’s time for round 2 of potty training in our household, we’ve stocked up on Pull-Ups once again. This time, in the cute new Doc McStuffins designs for girls! My daughter has worn them a handful of times so far and she is very enamored with seeing one of her favorite cartoon characters on the front of her Pull-Ups! As a parent, I love the softness and ease of removing them. The side tabs pull apart easily in messy situations so you don’t have to pull them all the way down.


Pull-Ups Potty Training Resources

We’ve just begun the process this time around and we’re still waiting for more signs that she’s really ready for potty training, but she’s definitely showing an interest so that’s a start. She tells us when she has to go, but unfortunately when we put her on the potty she just sits there and nothing happens. We’ve had a few small successes, but we have a long way to go! My son did seem to take to it much quicker without much effort, no fancy charts or even rewards, but every child is different! I’m thankful for the resources that I recently found on the Pull-Ups website including the Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy. There are so many great resources and helpful tips for potty training, whether it’s your first time around or your previous experience just isn’t working out the second time around like me! They also have a great Time to Potty app to help remind you and your child when it’s time to try to use the potty. I will definitely be putting all of this to use right away!

Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy

Be sure to also check out the Pull-Ups Facebook page, Pull-Ups Twitter feedPull-Ups Pinterest boards and the hashtag #PullUpsAcademy for more helpful tips as you embark on your own potty training adventures. From one potty training parent to another, good luck and may the flush be with you!

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