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Happy 100th Birthday Morton Salt Girl!

In 1914, Morton Salt Company hired advertising agency N.W. Ayer and Company to develop a marketing campaign to promote their salt. An originally disregarded idea was noticed by the son of the founder of Morton Salt Company and the Morton Salt Girl was brought to life. They also adapted a new slogan, “When it rains, it pours.” inspired by a well-known proverb of the time. The ad debuted in Good Housekeeping Magazine in 1914, and the Morton Salt Girl was introduced to the world. She eventually would become one of the most iconic and enduring brand figures of all time.

Morton Salt

This year we celebrate the 100th Birthday of the iconic Morton Salt Girl. With 100 parties being hosted in 100 cities over 100 days, she is celebrating her birthday in grand fashion. Join in on the fun by tweeting your birthday wishes with the hashtag #MortonSaltGirl100 or by visiting for more fun ways to participate. I was lucky enough to receive a celebration party package of fun branded Morton Salt items including party favors, epsom salts, Morton Salt branded M&Ms, an umbrella, some great coupons and more. Here is a photo of the tin full of items that I received and the umbrella that my son hopes he can use for rain soon here in always-sunny San Diego! Our family and friends enjoyed all of the fun promotional items, thank you Morton Salt!

Morton Salt


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  • janice gregg October 3, 2014 at 12:46 pm

    History was made at Advertising Week when the Morton Salt Girl broke through the glass ceiling to join her male counterparts on the Walk of Fame.
    Just one other woman has made it—the weirdly enthusiastic Flo of Progressive Insurance got the nod in 2012. Certainly nobody expected to see a young girl rise from the old boys’ network of the food sector, with its long list of male inductees that includes esteemed heavyweights like Mr. Peanut, Colonel Sanders, Orville Redenbacher, Tony the Tiger, Juan Valdez, and the Pillsbury Dough Boy.


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