Stitch Fix September 2014

Stitch Fix September 2014 Review

In my Stitch Fix September 2014 box that I received this month, my stylist decided to start getting me ready for fall and I love some of the choices he sent! Although I only ended up keeping one item, I thought most of the pieces were in line with my style and sizing although some of the fits were off a tad. First off I must talk about this Liverpool Mira Skinny Jean that I paired with every shirt for my photos. OMG finally maternity-like jeans that aren’t maternity! I’ve been waiting for this day ever since I packed away my maternity clothing the first time around! At $78, I felt they were fairly priced for something so relatively innovative. I’ve worn them out twice already and they are SO comfortable. The only downfall might be that now I can eat a lot more since the waistline stretches!

liverpool mira skinny jean

Fun2Fun Johnson Scarf Print Roll-Tab Blouse and Liverpool Mira Skinny Jean

I thought this Johnson Scarf Print blouse above was very cute out of the box but it wasn’t totally right for me. It fit a bit snug in the chest area and therefore just didn’t drape properly. I loved the print and silky scarf feel of it though and at $48 it was a decent price for the high-end feel of the fabric.

Liverpool Mira Skinny Jean Stitch Fix September 2014

Fun2Fun Richard Pleated Lace Detailed Blouse and Liverpool Mira Skinny Jean

This Richard Pleated Lace blouse (again paired with the Liverpool Mira Skinny Jean) was a fun dark pink color that I loved, but unfortunately the neckline was just too high for my liking. If I still worked full-time it might be something I’d rock for work, but it was just a bit too conservative for my relaxed style. Also $48, the price again wasn’t too bad for someone looking for a work top.

Liverpool Mira Skinny Jean Stitch Fix September 2014

Papermoon Calvin Scoop Neck Striped Knit Top and Liverpool Mira Skinny Jean

This Papermoon Scoop Neck top was very cute out of the box and I thought for sure I would love it, but it was almost a little too stretchy and heavy for me, it just didn’t seem to fit quite right. I’m loving stripes right now, so the thought was good, but this $44 top just didn’t execute for me.

Liverpool Mira Skinny Jean Stitch Fix September 2014 mira maternity skinny jean

Liverpool Mira Skinny Jean

Let me get back to these jeans! Oh these jeans! Liverpool must have some women in charge who have fallen in love with their maternity jeans but had too much pride to keep wearing them much beyond birth (like me!) These are cute, stylish skinny jeans in a great wash with a nice stretchy and comfortable waistline with a price of $78. No zipper, no snaps or buttons, no more holes in the front of my shirt from rubbing on said buttons, I love it! The Liverpool Mira Skinny Jean is a dream come true! Can we get some capris and shorts next please??

Stitch Fix September 2014

Urban Expressions Booker Fold Over Crossbody Bag

Lastly was my first ever Stitch Fix bag, and I really liked it! Problem is, I’m a bag hoarder and have SO many that I just don’t use but once or twice a year. I’m too lazy to change bags all the time so it’s a constant rotation between black leather tote, small clutch and beach bag. I loved the color and versatility of this bag though! At just $64 the price was definitely right too, but I still sadly had to pass.

Do you subscribe to Stitch Fix boxes too? I’d love to hear about what you received this month if so!

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