Kinivo BTX350 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Kinivo BTX350 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

When recently offered the opportunity by Kinivo to pick a product from their website to review, I had a tough time deciding! They have a great selection of compact portable speakers, something that my family was in serious need of. I ended up deciding on the Kinivo BTX350 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for several reasons. I love that it hKinivo BTX350as bluetooth capability, can connect to an iPod via an included cable, and I also love that it’s wireless. I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as sound quality and volume, but I was pleasantly surprised! I’ve actually found that when using the speaker outside with my kids, I keep the volume only at about the midway point. We’ve also used it in the house a few times to stream Pandora from my phone, and even then I don’t tend to turn it up all the way. This little speaker packs a good punch! I like that there’s a bass boost button and that the speaker is extremely user-friendly as well. It’s highly portable and would easily fit in a beach bag, backpack or even a purse. The battery life has seemed better than promised thus far, but it’s very simple to recharge by plugging the included USB cable in to my computer. Check out the Kinivo BTX350 on Amazon to find out more info and read more reviews.

Kinivo BTX350 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Features (from

  • Wireless Kinivo BTX350Bluetooth speaker seamlessly streams music from bluetooth-capable smartphones, tablets, and computers
  • Class-D amplifier provides high output sound performance; Speaker features bass boost, volume control, and forward/reverse buttons
  • Included 3.5mm audio cable allows use with iPods or other non-Bluetooth devices; Features suspension-cone speaker drivers with passive subwoofer
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 5 hours of wireless music; Includes USB charging cable for use while battery is charging
  • Sleek, portable design; Measures 8 inches wide by 3 inches high by 2.25 inches deep; 1 year limited hardware warranty

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