Soniclear from Michael Todd Beauty #soniclear #skincare #beauty

Soniclear Cleansing Brush Review

Soniclear Overview

There are numerous facial cleansing brushes on the market now, and it’s often tough to decide which one is right for you. With the various brushes you may have tried, have you ever worried about germs and keeping them clean? Put those worries to rest with the Soniclear Cleansing Brush, the world’s first antimicrobial sonic skin cleansing system, from Michael Todd Beauty. Even though it’s a powerful cleansing tool, Soniclear is also gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Soniclear from Michael Todd Beauty #soniclear #beauty #skincare
Soniclear will remove makeup 6x better and cleanse 2x better than with hands alone. Using a sonic cleansing brush can also improve your skin tone, reduce breakouts, assist with absorption of skin care products and result in better overall cleansing. I was lucky enough to test drive a complimentary Soniclear cleansing brush and noticed a difference just a week in! I was using a cheap store brand brush before, but had not been using it as much anymore as it felt harsh on my skin.

Soniclear from Michael Todd Beauty #soniclear #beauty #skincare

Soniclear Vs Clarisonic

Soniclear feels like it’s cleaning my skin effectively but it doesn’t hurt or scratch my skin in any way. It’s extremely gentle and has 6 different speeds to customize your experience for your skin. It fits nicely in your hand with a non-slip grip and also comes with a separate body cleansing brush! Many of you may wonder how Soniclear compares to the popular Clarisonic line of brushes, and I can safely say it’s definitely more bang for your buck!

Here are some key differences between Soniclear and Clarisonic PLUS, the most high-end Clarisonic brush available:

    • Cost – Soniclear retails for just $149 versus $225 for the Clarisonic PLUS.
    • Antimicrobial brushes – Soniclear includes antimicrobial brushes to inhibit bacterial growth, Clarisonic does not offer this on any of its models, including PLUS.
    • Speeds – Soniclear has 6 different speeds versus 5 with the Clarisonic PLUS
    • Rechargeable battery life – Soniclear Cleansing Brush has a 35 min battery life versus 30 with Clarisonic PLUS.

Soniclear from Michael Todd Beauty #soniclear #beauty #skincare

So, as you can see, Soniclear is the clear winner in the Soniclear vs Clarisonic battle! The Soniclear Cleansing Brush is available with an exclusive 20% discount (good on your entire purchase) on the Michael Todd Beauty website. Have you tried it for yourself yet?

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