Skechers – Shoes for the Entire Family!

Recently, my son and I both had the opportunity to pick out a pair of shoes from for the purpose of reviewing. I love shoes so I could not possibly pass up an opportunity for a free pair for both of us! We’ve owned Skechers shoes in the past, but to be honest, it’s been awhile since I had purchased any for anyone in my family, myself included. I always thought of Skechers as more of a “sneakers” company, so I was so excited when I realized they had so many gorgeous spring and summer sandals for me to choose from!

Skechers Women’s Shoes

I decided on the Flirty in teal for myself and couldn’t be happier with my choice! Not only are these shoes adorable, but they fit perfectly and are super comfortable. These shoes are something I could easily wear when walking extensively, which I can’t typically say about my other wedge sandals. They look great with anything from capris and a tank to a sundress and everything in between. The footbed is nicely cushioned and the straps are very soft, which makes these wedges much more comfortable than any other pair I’ve ever owned! I look forward to trying more sandals from Skechers now that I’ve fallen in love with this pair!



Skechers Children’s Shoes

My son decided on a fun pair of Skechers light up sneakers for himself called Street Lightz in the black/silver color combination. Not only does he love them, but his 2 year old sister does too and tries to wear them when he’s not around! I love that the lights have an on/off switch, what a genius idea! Now if you’re at the movies or somewhere else you’d prefer to keep it dark, you have that option. The shoes fit him perfectly and are very true to size, they seem very durable, they fasten easily and he says they are really comfortable. He said they make him run faster! The lights are all around the shoes on both sides and there are quite a few of them, so they look pretty cool while he’s walking (or running) around. I think he just might have some jealous friends at school who are going to be begging for a pair of these from Mom & Dad!

All in all, I’m very pleased with both pairs of Skechers shoes, I don’t have a single complaint! Naturally, it’s tough to complain about anything that’s free, but I would have had no problem paying the listed price for either pair of these shoes. I would have felt they were worth every penny. Now I have another great go-to option when shopping for shoes for myself, my husband or my kids!

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