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Social Media Manager for Hire!

Hi everyone! As many of you know, in addition to recreational blogging (and the occasional sponsored post), I also work as a freelance social media manager on a part-time basis. I have been managing a couple of clients at a time for the past couple of years and one of them has grown so large that I had to migrate them to a social media firm. I was managing 4 Facebook pages for them in addition to Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, YouTube and more. It was time for them to upgrade to a full-time dedicated social media manager team! Now that I have a spot open, I would love to find another small or medium-sized business to grow via social media. I am open to all industries, but obviously have a particular interest in beauty and health as well as fashion, travel and food/beverage.

If you or anyone you know is looking for a freelance social media manager to manage 1 or more social media accounts and post on a daily basis, I just might be the answer! Rates vary depending on work load, but I can give detailed quotes once I know what you’re looking for. Please e-mail me at for more info!

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