Walgreens Well Beginnings Diapers

Well Beginnings from Walgreens

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Well Beginnings.*

Walgreens Well Beginnings

Are you expecting or do you have a little one in diapers? If so, then this post is for you! I was recently asked to try out a line of diapers and wipes made by Walgreens called Well Beginnings. My daughter is 19-months old and was previously wearing size 4 diapers from a well-known brand. We’ve not had many issues with our normal brand of diapers, but I’m always looking for new options, especially when they’re more cost effective! My first impression of the Well Beginnings diapers was that they were very cute! I love the elephant design on them and my daughter does too. The outer cover is soft and the diapers are definitely less bulky than other brands of diapers that we’ve tried. I also read that the inner liner is hypoallergenic and contains natural botanicals, vitamin E and aloe, so that’s a plus. After using them for a week, I’ve noticed that the fit on Well Beginnings diapers is excellent. They are more snug around my daughter’s waist and legs than other brands have been but are still stretchable and soft on her skin. In fact, we haven’t had a single problem with leaks of any sort since using the Well Beginnings diapers. I’ve had my daughter wear them both day and night, and although she’s woken up with a drenched diaper a few mornings, there were zero leaks! My daughter is also at a very active stage, running, climbing and jumping on everything, but these diapers haven’t failed us at all despite her constant movement. The closure tabs are also very secure and we haven’t had any issues with them coming undone.

Walgreens Well Beginnings Diaper

We were also able to try Well Beginnings wipes and really like those as well. They are very soft yet extremely durable and won’t rip apart easily. The locking closure on the package is nice and secure too, but also easy to open with one hand when needed (which I often need to do in a bind!) Like the Well Beginnings diapers, the wipes are priced very competitively and work just as well if not better than many major brands. Considering that Well Beginnings diapers and wipes are priced significantly lower than what we usually buy and work very well, I will definitely consider these diapers and wipes in the future if I’m shopping at Walgreens!

Have you tried Walgreens Well Beginnings diapers or wipes? What are your thoughts?

Walgreens Well Beginnings Diapers

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Well Beginnings.*

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