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Recently, I received several Innarah skincare products for purposes of reviewing. My only prior experience with Innarah was with a product I had won through an Allure Magazine giveaway (see blog review here), and that I really liked! I was thrilled about being able to try more of their products and was excited to see what they would be. I received three full-size products including Innarah’s Treatment Cleanser, Treatment Solution and VenoDefense Eye Treatment Serum. I also received 3 generously sized samples of Innarah’s Eye Treatment Creme, VenoDefense Treatment Creme and JO2 Compound Hyper-Oxygenated Creme.


Innarah’s full product line

After using all of the products consistently for over 4 weeks, I must say I’m impressed with every single one! There are definitely a few that stand out to me though, including the Innarah VenoDefense Treatment Creme that I previously reviewed here. I’m still amazed by this product’s ability to instantly smooth fine lines and wrinkles and just give my skin a more youthful, vibrant look. I also LOVED both Eye Treatment products and could never decide which one to use, so I used the serum by day and the creme at night! I found that both eye products helped with my dark circles and smoothed out fine lines under and around my eyes. The Eye Treatment Creme was definitely more hydrating, though the serum provided some hydration as well. I was also amazed by the JO2 Compound Hyper-Oxygenated Creme. They aren’t kidding about the hyper-oxygenating part, you can literally smell oxygen in this product, it smells great!  It is very thick going on, which is why I preferred to only use it at night, but it feels like a dream. My skin loves this product and looks so revived in the morning after using it. The JO2 Compound helps to decongest the skin, brighten it and even out skin tone and I definitely noticed these effects.


Now for the fun part! I am hosting a blog giveaway of 5 sets of Innarah deluxe sample trios! Enter HERE for your chance to win!

Also, Innarah has an ongoing giveaway opportunity that anyone can participate in once they have tried an Innarah product for 3 weeks! Here are the rules: Email a before/after jpg of your skin on Innarah after 3 continuous weeks of use. You can also keep taking after shots the longer your skin is on Innarah. (this will give them a time frame for results). For every jpg they receive, they will send you any item of your choice! Please send jpg’s to Enjoy!!




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