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The New Las Vegas Hot Spot: Rose. Rabbit. Lie.

rose. rabbit. lie.


Rose. Rabbit. Lie. Overview

My husband and I planned a last minute Las Vegas trip for Valentine’s Day and like every time we head to Vegas, I had to find the hottest new place to dine, drink and play! The very first Yelp result that I noticed was Rose. Rabbit. Lie. After reading up on it, I just had to make a dinner reservation for Valentine’s Day! We were also lucky enough to receive comped tickets to all 3 of the “Vegas Nocturne” shows at Rose. Rabbit. Lie., so we had a whole night of fun ahead of us! The following is my very in depth review that I wrote for Yelp (with some modifications for my blog), please let me know if you have any questions about our experience!

rose. rabbit. lie.

The first description that comes to mind for Rose. Rabbit. Lie. is Alice in Wonderland meets Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. It’s dreamy and prohibition era feeling, but every now and then you will see something that makes you wonder if someone slipped drugs in your drink at the blackjack table earlier. We enjoyed dinner in the study and were amazed by the quality of the drinks, especially those exclusive to the study. Yes, they’re pricey, but they’re handcrafted cocktails that take a bit more work than a rum & coke (and taste a ton better) and we noticed the quantity was pretty good too (not overloaded with ice like many bars). Between my husband and I, we probably tried 8-10 different drinks and were consistently impressed by each one. Our server did a great job of steering us towards (or away) from drinks based on what we liked about our prior beverages too.

Rose. Rabbit. Lie. Dining Experience

rose. rabbit. lie.

For dinner, we chose to do the Rose. Rabbit. Lie. Valentine’s menu which was AMAZING in every regard. There were separate “his” and “hers” menus with different choices for the first 2 courses and for dessert, truncated by a shared main dish. First, we were brought a nicely presented brioche bread. I like bread, but I can usually pass it up to save room for the real meal. One look at this bread and I knew I wouldn’t be passing it up. Best bread I’ve ever had!  It was freshly baked, warm, lightly salted and so soft it almost melted in your mouth. We loved it so much, we ended up ordering more of it during the show later! We then had a fabulous lobster cocktail and fried oysters rockefeller. We fell in love with the lobster cocktail and thought it was a pretty good amount of lobster for a a first course! We then had a loup de mer and a duck confit pasta. I didn’t think I was a duck fan, but I am now. That pasta was cheesy flavorful deliciousness!  Our main course was a shared Beef Wellington dish (a smaller version of their $275 “feast” on the regular menu). WOW. We were both floored by this dish. From the foie gras and shaved truffle to the perfectly cooked beef and beautiful pastry dome, every aspect of this dish was perfection on a plate. I can’t even remember exactly what our desserts were, but we nearly licked both plates. I know one had butterscotch pudding and the other was little peaks of what looked like meringue but tasted so much dreamier. Then there were the chocolates. I bit into the first one (a salted caramel chocolate) and promptly yelled “Oh my god!” It was that good.  We later found out the chocolates were house made, they need to box those up and sell them!

Rose. Rabbit. Lie. Entertainment & Ambience

rose. rabbit. lie.
As we were wrapping up dinner, we began to take in the decor more. Behind me was a nice collection of jazz and soul records, and next to it a picture of a man resembling Robert Plant in the 60s sitting on a tractor wearing nothing but a banana hammock. Nothing like a bit of contrast! As we were paying our tab the oddities began. A hunched over guy in a sweat suit climbs up a ladder and disappears into the wall, twin tap dancers emerge from another wall and start dancing on the bar. A wonderful singer emerges from somewhere else. It made me so excited to see what was in store at the two shows we were about to see! We wandered out, opening random doors to see what else the place had in store. My husband even nearly walked into the kitchen on our self tour, but nobody seemed to mind much! The bigger main dining rooms were buzzing with energy, but it made me appreciate our experience in the quiet little study even more. With a large group though, the bigger rooms would be a blast!

rose. rabbit. lie.

We made our way to our seats for the 8pm canto and grabbed more drinks before the show got started. It began in an ethereal and dreamy way and took us on a ride of comedy, disbelief, music and sexuality. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t been, but we were amazed and loved the entire show. It was like an upscale freak show! We had a short break after the 8pm show and went back in for the 10pm. This time we were seated in the back row closest to the bar in individual arm chairs with a little cocktail table in front of us. So cozy! We couldn’t help but order some food (more of that awesome bread and some great calamari!) The 10pm canto was markedly different in tone to the 8pm, much more sexually charged, more foul language (much to my delight), a more upbeat disco sort of feel. I loved that the shows were SO different. Many of the performers were the same, but their acts were different in every way so nothing was repeated from the 8pm. We also had tickets for 12pm and I wish we could’ve gone but we had a friend waiting forever for us to meet up and we had to take off. I could’ve stayed there all night though, I was having such a great time!! I think Rose. Rabbit. Lie. makes for a perfect date night and also can’t wait to try it out with a group of friends next time we’re in town! Highly recommended in all regards!

rose. rabbit. lie.

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