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I recently had the opportunity to test drive some great toy storage products with my children from ToyTainer. They sent me a ton of cool stuff right before the holiday craziness, it was so helpful to have it all around when we were cleaning up all of their Christmas gifts! Each of ToyTainer’s products is designed to make clean-up time fun and easy for children and helps ease the burden on mom or dad! Here is a photo of everything we received, some for my 6-year old son and some for my 18-month old daughter.

2013-12-17 09.52.57

I think the favorites among the kids so far have been the Ice Cream Truck and Fire Truck Play ‘n Store. My daughter keeps all sorts of random things in hers and squeals with delight every time she opens it up to see what’s inside. My son has used his fire truck to store all of his matchbox cars, much better than the big ziploc bags we were using previously!

003My son also loves the ShoeBox Play ‘n Store for storing his train set! It was previously stored in a torn up old box, so this is a nice upgrade for him!


We’ve also put the EZ-Mat Play ‘n Store to good use with my daughter by encouraging her to sit and play on it, so the toys she drags out from all over the place end up mostly on the mat. When she’s done playing, we can just pull on the drawstring and cinch the mat into a bag to hang for storage or carry on the go (it’s great for travelling!)


015Another fun on for my son was the Bulldozer Scoop ‘n Store, it makes it fun and easy to scoop up toys to store them away inside the truck!


All of these above products and more will soon be available at! For more information, check out the ToyTainer website or the ToyTainer Facebook page! You also have a chance to win a prize package from ToyTainer valued at up to $150 in my blog giveaway HERE! Enter now! (Contest ends 1/23/14)


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