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I’m always on the lookout for great new hair care products. Finding natural, sulfate-free products is of the utmost importance to me for many reasons. I color and straighten my hair, so I mainly try to use sulfate-free shampoos in order to keep my color vibrant. When recently offered the chance to try a complete product line from Natu that was natural and sulfate-free, I jumped at the opportunity! Natu products are free of not only sulfates, but also free of silcones, resins, parabens, phthalates, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances and all the other yucky stuff we don’t want touching our skin!


I was sent a customized set of Natu products for my thick, color-treated hair that included a Professional Colorist Shampoo, Professional Colorist Conditioner and Silkening Mist. My first impression…WOW. Reading that the products were free of synthetic fragrances, I for some reason expected them not to have much of a scent. Much to my (pleasant) surprise, the shampoo and conditioner both burst with the natural scents of lavender and sage oils. My mind was immediately transported to a serene spa experience, I just wanted to keep washing my hair forever! After wrapping my hair in a towel post-shower for 15-20 minutes, I was blessed with another lavender-sage bouquet upon removing my towel from my hair. I love that the scent is all-natural and that it lingers, my husband even noticed how great the products smelled! I applied the silkening mist to my damp hair and went forward with my normal blow-drying routine. I noticed right away that my hair felt silkier, more manageable and far less frizzy than it normally does. After using the products for several days, I noticed my hair seemed healthier and my color more vibrant. Here’s a pic taken a full day after using the line of Natu products, my hair was still looking vibrant and healthy!

2013-12-12 10.59.00

I am now officially the new biggest fan of Natu products! Not only do they truly make my hair look and feel healthy and great, but they smell wonderful and are natural. It’s everything I look for in a line of hair products. The full line is available on the Natu website as well as select Whole Foods stores, BUT I’m also hosting a giveaway of all 3 products! Enter now to win your own set of all 3 Natu products that I reviewed (a $54 value!) customized just for your hair type! **giveaway has ended**

Have you heard of or tried Natu before? What were your thoughts?

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