Save The Blow Dry, Shower Cap Perfection!

I’m just going to put this out there, I spend a lot of money on my hair. And a lot of time at the salon. I was “blessed” with super thick, quasi-curly, borderline unmanageable hair. Then came the Japanese Straight Perm. I was saved. Try going 3 days without washing your hair though…actually, without even getting a drop of moisture on it OR pulling it back in any way. Good luck! I have found some decent shower caps along the way, but they’ve all given out on me too soon, or they just weren’t snug enough to begin with. Lately I’ve been turning more to Keratin treatments than Japanese straightening, but even so I need to keep my hair safe from moisture for a bit. I also like to keep my fresh blowouts, well, fresh! Enter Save The Blow Dry, my new best friend!

shower cap

When I was offered the chance to test drive a Save The Blow Dry shower cap from the UK-based company, I jumped at the opportunity. I’ve resigned myself to smuggling disposable hotel shower caps as well as wrapping my shower capped head in a towel when I need extra reinforcement. I bought a pricey big-brand shower cap from Sephora years back and it lasted all of a couple months before the elastic just gave out altogether. It was a little flimsy to begin with too, and didn’t always keep all of the moisture out. Save The Blow Dry renewed my trust in fancy shower caps! It’s super cute and very well made, with a combination of an absorbent micro weave toweling inner layer and waterproof outer layer. It eliminates humidity and condensation from affecting that precious blow dry (or straightening, or whatever else!) Not only that, but you can turn it inside out and use it over deep conditioning treatments! Genius! As mentioned before, I have a TON of hair, and it all fit nicely inside this shower cap with room to spare. Yet, it was nice and snug and none of my hair has spilled out at all. My blow dry has officially been saved!

fancy shower caps

As if this product isn’t good enough on it’s own, the creators of Save The Blow Dry have partnered with Khandel light, a charity that works to improve the lives of communities in and around Khandel, Rajasthan, India. Every Save the Blow Dry sold through their website directly funds 2 weeks of safe drinking water for a family in this desert region. This makes a basic, but vital difference to people living with constant drought, where temperatures soar to over 110 degrees.

shower cap

Save The Blow Dry shower caps are currently available online at with low-price shipping from the UK, but retail sales will begin in the U.S. in about a month too! If you’ve been looking for a solution to save your blow dry, I highly encourage you to give Save The Blow Dry a try!

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