Do You Blog? Get Your Sverve On!

Are you a mommy blogger, beauty blogger or other female blogger looking to connect with other women who blog? Would you love an opportunity to showcase your areas of expertise and be partnered with brands who want to pay you to write about them? If so, then you need to come join me on Sverve! Unleash your social verve and put your social media influence to work for you!

When you first sign up, you can choose up to 5 “Areas of Influence” that your fellow Sverve users will be able to endorse you for. You will be given a “score” based on a combination of those endorsements, your blog influence and your social media influence. Your score helps to determine which campaigns you may be eligible for. Campaigns include opportunities to try products for free or even be paid to blog or tweet about a product or service. Here is a screenshot of my profile page:

sverve So, are you ready to get started? Click through either of the above links and get your Sverve on! Follow me and I’ll be sure to follow you back!

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