Facial Beauty Analysis “Scores” Your Face

facial beauty analysis

Facial Beauty Analysis

With so many different ideals of beauty in our society, women (and sometimes men) often find themselves wondering how they stack up. We compare our height, weight and measurements to supermodels in magazines and heed celebrity beauty tips to try to capture that perfect look. Many scientists argue that the definition of facial “beauty” lies in the measurements and symmetry of the face. Is that entirely true? I personally don’t think so. I find a particular interest in people with slightly asymmetrical faces or unique features that set them apart from the pack. But, if you’re curious as to how you stack up “scientifically”, there’s a facial beauty analysis tool you might find fascinating at AnaFace.

You’ll likely get your best face analysis results using a picture facing forward with your hair pulled back and ears showing. Make sure the points are spot on as moving them ever so slightly can change the facial beauty analysis score by quite a bit (play around with it after you get your first result). Is this all a bit narcissistic? Yes, quite a bit actually! But, it’s also quite interesting, if only for entertainment value! I was surprised by my score of 8.46/10, but then again, this face analysis doesn’t take dark circles and fine lines into consideration, so I may have cheated the system in that regard! Another reason that no one “tool” or opinion can truly define beauty, I really do think it’s in the eye of the beholder!

anaface facial beauty analysis face analysis face symmetry analysis

So, did you do the facial beauty analysis and get your Anaface score? What did you think of your face analysis results?

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facial beauty analysis

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