Faced Natural Fruit Enzyme Serum

For the past several days, I’ve been trying out a new serum, Faced Natural Fruit Enzyme Serum. I was lucky enough to receive a full-size sample to review and am so glad I was able to give this product a try! On first application, I noticed the fruity scent of pineapple and the fact that the serum is very light and absorbs right into my skin. This is SO important to me, I don’t like using serums that have the feel of a heavy moisturizer!

On the Faced website (http://www.facedskincare.com), they mention people noticing results after one use. Being that I just came off of another serum trial, I can’t say I noticed anything major right away, but after a few days I definitely felt that my skin was glowing a bit more and just felt better. It felt more “normalized” if that makes sense, not too greasy, not too dry, just right where it should be. The only downside for me (which was minor) was that I noticed a slight stinging in my eyes when applying the serum. I didn’t apply it directly around the eyes, but I do have fairly sensitive eyes so I didn’t consider it a major problem.

faced serum

According to the Faced website, Faced is a natural moisturizing fruit serum that soaks into the skin and gives you the benefits of antioxidants, natural humectant that’s found in your skin plus the rich smell of pineapple and papaya. Faced works great for all skin types, but is even better for dry skin. They suggest using Faced right after washing your face, both morning and evening for best results. Faced can be purchased for $34.95 for a 1oz bottle by visiting http://www.facedskincare.com. (Please note that the name of this product has now been changed to Früt Balancing Enzyme Serum)

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