Family Fun at Legoland San Diego Hotel

legoland san diego hotel

Recently, I was the lucky winner of a Legoland prize package from Fox5 News here in San Diego. Our package included 4 park hopper tickets and a one night stay at the newly opened Legoland San Diego Hotel. We brought our almost 6-year old son and our 9-year old niece along for the weekend trip and we all had a blast! We had been to Legoland a few times previously, but this was the first stay at the hotel for all of us. Upon checking in, the kids were given a VIP lanyard to wear which they thought was great. The VIP passes granted us early access to Legoland in the morning, 30 minutes before the general public (which was a nice bonus that we took advantage of!)

legoland san diego hotel

The kids were very excited to hear about a treasure hunt that they could participate in which required them to answer 4 questions by inspecting different areas around the hotel. Their prize could be revealed inside of a treasure chest in our room, but they needed to answer the questions correctly to get the code to open the lock. After spending a few hours at Legoland, we were able to grab the keys to our room and the treasure hunt commenced!

legoland san diego hotel

When we first arrived in our room, the treasure hunt was the big focus, but it soon turned to the cool bunk beds and separate kids room. Both kids loved the setup, and us parents did too! There aren’t doors between the parents and kids rooms, but the bathroom separates them so you can still hear the kids without having them be right on top of you. The bathrooms are nicely appointed with Bath & Body Works toiletries and plenty of towels. Our only complaint was, having chosen a kingdom themed room, we were on the first floor overlooking the dog lawn and fire hydrant. So, all day long we got to see dogs pooping out our window and nothing more. Lovely!

legoland san diego hotel

legoland san diego hotel

We had returned from Legoland around 4pm and were glad to see that the hotel has a very popular bar that parents flock to after being at alcohol-free Legoland all day! It just so happened to be happy hour and the bottles of wine were discounted, so we got one to enjoy later while the kids played in the room. We sat back while the kids participated in some of the evening activites in the main hotel play area. They have dance parties, building contests, character meet and greets, tons of stuff to do. And of course, there are legos everywhere to play with too!

legoland hotel

In the morning, we headed to Bricks Restaurant for the complimentary breakfast buffet. The kids loved the kid station and being able to serve up their own plates. The food was decent and it was free, so we were all fans of the place! We also had lunch at the Skyline cafe after checking out and we were very impressed. I had a turkey club sandwich and my husband had a burger and we both thought our food was excellent. The kids loved their nachos and our service was great too. It was pretty quiet in there since it was mid-day and everyone was probably out enjoying Legoland. I’d say it’s a nice hidden secret, leave the park and have lunch at the hotel! Then you can grab a beer too if you’d like! 🙂

Rates for the Legoland San Diego Hotel start at $299 on weekends, but if you can go on a weekday I’ve seen rates as low as $150. I’d have a hard time paying $300-$350 being a San Diego resident as we can just drive up for the day, but it’s definitely worth splurging on once if you can, even if it’s during the week. The kids will remember it forever!

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