I am in love with…Pilates!

As many of you know, I embarked on a new fitness regimen a month ago and joined a local Pilates Studio. I had previously been doing slow motion strength training and LOVED it, but my trainers closed their location by my house! After a month of slacking off, I looked into joining a gym (one visit to LA Fitness quickly changed my mind!) So, I decided to give Reformer Pilates a try having had pretty good results from doing a Mat Pilates DVD at home in the past. I’m hooked!!

I’ve been going twice a week and am about to wrap up my 4th week after today’s class. On Wednesday, we do traditional Reformer Pilates and on Fridays it’s Jumpboard Pilates (look it up on YouTube!) I have SO much fun in class, it’s completely addicting! This may be the best thing I’ve ever been addicted to =) Don’t get me wrong, it completely kicks my butt and in a couple of hours I’ll be groaning and complaining about how tired and sore I am, but it’s a good thing! Being sore means it’s working! For us ladies, it focuses in all the right places too…abs, thighs, booty and those jiggly arms. In just under one month, I’m already noticing major results (I’ve also been following a restricted calorie eating plan, but not too restricted). My abs are firmer and the baby belly is shrinking right before my eyes, my legs and arms are looking more toned and I’m just feeling great overall! So, for those of you looking for motivation to get exercise, I would try Reformer Pilates out and I bet you’ll be hooked like me!

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